Dublin Signing

We are so excited to be able to bring to you an event like none other!

Bringing together Authors, Models, Bloggers and Readers alike from all around the world under one HUGE roof in the Emerald Isles. We are confident Claddagh Author Event – Dublin 2016 will be memorable for all.

World of Travel & Event Management is our official Travel Agency.

FuriousFotog will be our official event photographer.

Stuart Reardon is our special guest and will be spending TWO days with us on the 7th and 8th of October.

The event will be jam packed, filled with back to back activities and experiences leading up to the Big Day… The Signing. You can all rest on Sunday 😉


October 5th 2016


You will be brought to your Hotel by the shuttle service provided to you by us. Once you get to the Hotel, Representatives from the Travel Agency  World of Travel & Event Management who have come to Dublin specifically to make sure you are well taken care of will greet you along with either Summer Clark, Samantha Fontien or Krissy V. Once you have checked in you will be taken to your rooms where a surprise from us awaits you! You will also find your Signing Badges and other necessary documentation. The day or night is yours to either relax in your rooms or sightsee around Dublin.


October 6th 2016

After enjoying your breakfast the day is again yours to explore or relax.

We will be kicking off our event with a special Welcome Cocktail for only the Authors, Models, Bloggers and other attendees on the night of October 6th 2016. You will be sipping on delicious drinks while indulging in some appetizers. It will be held from 5:30pm till 7:30pm giving you plenty of time to unwind and mingle with fellow colleagues.

For those of you wish to participate, we will be holding a Meet & Greet with the Attendees and Readers in the same location from 8pm till 10pm. Again we will be providing you with drinks and appetizers.


October 7th 2016

We are delighted to show you Dublin!

The event organizers have put together an exciting day for you.

The day starts off with the Viking Splash Tour. A guided tour bus like you have never experienced. You will be roaring at unsuspecting crowds while wearing Viking Hats and touring the city!  The amphibious vehicle will also be offering you a chance to see the city like never before. After our day of fun you will be taken back to your Hotels to catch your breath and then we are off again, this time to the Guinness StoreHouse experience and Gravity Bar. Together we will be taking a tour of the iconic facility after which you will head up to the Gravity Bar and enjoy panoramic views of Downtown Dublin while having some brew and enjoying a light fare.


October 8th 2016


The all-day signing will be held at Croke Park. A beautiful space to hold such an important signing.

Provided shuttle buses will take you to the signing venue.

Hours of signing are: 11am till 6pm.

We kindly ask that all attendees be at the signing 1 hour prior so we can get you all organized and settled in.

Readers will be greeted by our Event Staff who will check their tickets and hand out their Gift Bags before entering.

Authors will have volunteers placed in their sections for any issue, assistance or question that arises.

Each volunteer will be assigned designated sections for your convenience and optimal efficiency. They will be coming around asking if you require any water, assistance and also take your lunch orders.

Lunch will be served to you at your table. We will be providing you with a beverage, cold sandwich and / or salad. If you would like to step away and take a break then that can be arranged as well… all you need to do is let your designated volunteer know. Our FIRST priority is your happiness and we will do everything possible to take care of all your needs.

We will be providing an onsite Irish bookseller as well. If you have any questions regarding this aspect please let us know as soon as possible or else we won’t be able to guarantee anything.

#Claddagh2016 is working with several local TV Stations and Radio Channels. The event will be marketed and promoted on Media outlets starting from the moment all deposits are received. At this rate all of Ireland and the United Kingdom will be talking about us in their sleep. With that being said we have extended invitations to these outlets to come and tape the signing along with any interviews by those of you who have shown interest in the Google document. For those of you who do not wish to be on live TV or Radio have no fear. They will be given a list way before hand of consenting authors and the waivers. Members of the press will not be disruptive in any way to the event and will be using the upmost of discretion. Our goal is showcase the event and the amazing Attendees.

We are at the final stages of negations will various Corporate sponsors who will be having a presence at the event as well.

At the close of the event we will have our official picture taken as a group.

The signing atmosphere will be a little different than before. All authors’ banners of course can and will be displayed behind you. However in keeping with the atmosphere we are trying to achieve we kindly ask you use the provided table clothes that will be adorning the tables. These will be specially made table clothes and will be provided for all your tables by the event planner.

Event Security will be provided.

As you can tell this will be a signing like never before.






ARE YOU READY TO PARTY!!!!!! It’s Gala time!


Attendees will be brought back to the signing venue but for a totally different reason. Provided Shuttle buses again will be picking you up at your Hotels and bringing you right in front of the Red Carpet Arrival area. You will be walking the carpet and have the opportunity to have your pictures taken on the Red Carpet with the Claddagh Author Event – Dublin 2016 official banner behind you. All sponsor logos will be prevalent as well. Afterwards you will be guided inside and offered a complementary glass of Prosecco. Making your way inside the Gala dinner you will be transported to another time. Every little detail has already been thought of and planned. You will be enjoying a 3 course gourmet meal while sipping on wine. Cash Bar facilities will be provided for those of you who wish so. We will be holding an auction and it will be emceed by two special guests! All the proceeds 100% will go to the official Charity… Autism Ireland. The charity was chosen because of special meaning to us. THEN… It is time to dance the night away. A well-known DJ will be providing us with the latest hits to get our groove on and unwind after such a hectic tempo. At the close of the Gala the shuttle buses will be taking you back to your Hotels. As with the signing itself Event Security will also be provided.


October 9th 2016


What an experience so far! After checking out, a good bye brunch will be held for all Attendees where we all say farewell and see you next year! For those of you who would like to stay longer and enjoy more of this beautiful country, please speak with our Travel Agency.

The dates we have secured for you are ONLY October 5th 2015 till October 9th 2016. Please make sure you have all the information necessary including check out time.

We would like to thank you all and can’t wait to see you all in Dublin. BUT ………

Our next signing will be held in Istanbul, Turkey for 2017. We will be using the same Travel Agency again and you will have the opportunity to sign up for that event right at the Dublin Signing at the World of Travel Table.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email us or send us a message on Facebook!