You want tolearn Spanish living in Spain or you want have master in English at one of <> the bigger and well-known universities of Spain, but you do not know which university, which course and which program fits your needs and budget and you do not know how to search and decide. And You must find the better place to live with reasonable price, not so far from the center, secure place etç. A lot of questions are moving in your head. Do not worry. You are in the right place and with the right experts. We’ll help you with all our experience, knowledge and contacts to find for you the better option that will fit all your needs. To make it easier for you we fallow the fallowing steps:

  • Analyzing your needs
  • Searching the best university/business school/courses/master programs for you
  • Finding the best place to live in Spain according your expectations and budget
  • Organizin your travel to Barcelona: Fly, pick up from the airport, take you to your new place.
  • Preparing city guide tour for you to know the city better, to know around of your school/university/flat etc.
  • We have some useful information for you to have some idea about sduying and living Spain. Please to prepare your study plan in Spain please contact us.


Why Study in Spain?

Like many countries, Spain is keen to attract more international students – its official target is to increase the percentage of international students from 4.9% in 2012 to 10% by 2015. In fact, Spain already receives large numbers of international students, especially from Spanish-speaking Latin American nations – but also from non-Spanish-speaking nations such as the US. According to the 2012 Open Doors report, Spain is the third most popular destination for US students abroad. It’s also the most popular destination for European students spending time studying abroad through the EU’sErasmus program. So, why study in Spain? Well, like all popular study destinations, Spain has a diverse set of attractions, starting with the strong reputation of its universities. In the 2012/ 13 QS World University Rankings, 18 Spanish universities rank within the world’s top 700.

Fees and visas for Spain

Tuition fees for Masters and PhD programs in Spain are regulated by the government at both public and private universities, and charged on a per-credit basis. Costs vary depending on the subject and course length; a Masters is typically one or two years, and a PhD between three and five years. Living costs in Spain can also vary significantly, with cities like Madrid and Barcelona tending to come with a higher price tag. Saoem universities in Spain advises that international students’ budget is between €500 – €1,000 per month to cover accommodation, travel, food and other expenses. Students from EU countries do not need a visa to study in Spain, but should apply for a Número de Identificación de Extranjero (Foreign National Identity Number) on arrival – this is needed for tasks such as opening a bank account or accessing health services. Those from most countries beyond the EU need a visa if intending to spend more than three months in Spain. This can be processed via the nearest Spanish embassy or consulate once an official offer of a place has been received from a university.