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10 Interesting Facts about America (USA)

The United States of America is one of the largest countries in the world based on both population and land area. It has a relatively short history compared to other world nations, has one of the world’s largest economies, and has one of the world’s most diverse...

Fun Facts of New York

Millions of visitors come to NYC for the culture, numerous attractions, world class cuisine, exciting nightlife and to make their mark on the city that never sleeps. The Big Apple is the most populated city in the US and a major influence around the world in commerce, finance,...

Cool Facts About New York City

New York City is one of the most amazing cities in the world.  Here are some interesting facts about this great city! In 1626, the Dutch purchased Manhattan Island from the Lenape Native Americans for 60 guilders (about $1000). The English conquered the city from the Dutch in...